Wednesday, June 26, 2013

bachelorette: laguna

It's time for Bach Cap! 

This of course is the recap of the bachelorette party I had the pleasure of attending last weekend, not the actual Bachelorette with Dez. I still am only as far as episode 2 on that one; I've gotta get on that.

But anyway! Sixteen-ish women congregated in Laguna Beach for three days to celebrate the upcoming wedding of our friend Elisse.

Day 1 was arrivals and the traditional lingerie party. No pics from there ;)

The next day we were up bright and early for breakfast, followed soon after by some beach time!
 Beach in bullet points: 
  • Elisse wore her bachelorette veil all day. There was a matching train on her bikini too!
  • Best bag lunches of our LIVES.
  • Sunburns to the MAX
  • The Beach Patrol's "undercover guy" would be a lot more undercover if he didn't walk surrounded by six guys in uniform...? Not so sneaky.
That night we went out for dinner and drinks to celebrate. We all wore neon except for Elisse, who was wearing white and, um, bachelorette party paraphernalia? All of the aforementioned paraphernalia have been blurred from the following photos, of course ;)

Natalie, Kayti, and Lindsey opening their goodie bags. They were filled with fun things, like blinky rings and 80's jelly bracelets. Oh also clip-in neon extensions. Winning!
She was such a good sport!
We began the evening at the Rooftop Lounge in Laguna, where we had an absolutely GORGEOUS panoramic view of the sunset over the ocean.

Making the couple-block walk to the lounge. We got quite the reception! // Yummy cocktails at the lounge
Natalie and Kayti enjoying the view
Lizzie and I enjoying the sun. Okay, it was way too bright BUT still pretty!
Lizzie, Ivy, and Bianca catching up
The Westmont girls, bookended by Elisse's childhood friends from Bakersfield
Amanda and Elisse, the beautiful sisters // Elisse and Ivy
The whole group!
The whole group.... plus Leroy, the mini blow-up doll we carried around all evening. Classy!
Elisse and I. Love you girl!
 After the sun had set, we moved down to K'ya Bistro for dinner. It was seriously so delicious. And pretty darn inexpensive for the quality and quantity! I was surprised.

Our table. We took up two of them!
We then visited Mozambique to see a KILLER 80's cover band. That's right, you heard me correctly. They were seriously fabulous. And of course our little bride got called up onto the stage and the band sang her a song. SO FUN.

So.Dang.Awesome. Also blurry, but it's still funny. Elisse was a rockstar in her blue wig and neon veil
After a fun night out on the town.
We had such a good time! The next day we wandered around downtown Laguna before I had to head home. It was certainly a weekend I'll never forget.

Monday, June 24, 2013

big news...

Before I go into the epicness that was this weekend, we've got some big news:
We adopted a dog!

This is Daisy. She's a 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog (or Queensland Heeler, depending on who you ask), and she's completely stolen our hearts.


We met Daisy last week at the Santa Barbara Animal Shelter and fell in love. When all the other dogs were barking and jumping at us when we walked by the kennel, she sat calmly and watched us. Um, let's meet her, absolutely.

She was such a sweetheart! We could tell that she'd been hit around by previous owners because she sort of cowered before we would pet her, but she was so eager to please and kept checking in with us while she was playing in the visitation yard.  We visited a few days in a row to see how she interacted with us, and by the end of the second day we decided that she would be coming home with us.

We picked her up today and spent Tim's lunch break at the beach.

I had to take the car to the mechanic while Tim was at work, so Daisy and I took advantage of the long walk to get some more beach and park time. 

We are pretty smitten with her

Friday, June 21, 2013

if you need me, I'll be at Laguna Beach...

Remember my beautiful friend Elisse? I showed you some photos from her wedding shower a few months ago.

via paperless post
Well, this weekend we celebrate her yet again with a Bachelorette Party weekend in Laguna Beach!

Via Pacific Edge Hotel
It's going to be an awesome time. I'll share some pics when we get back... maybe ;)


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