Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter Sunday

This Easter was a little different than Easters past--because we were leaving on a trip so soon afterwards, traveling to spend Easter with family just wasn't feasible for us this year. Instead, we went to our Easter service solo (along with the other several thousand people there, of course), and then hosted Tim's grandparents for a low-key dinner.

Daisy was stoked about her Easter goodies. The bone was gone in less than five minutes.
They live about an hour away, so it's always fun to spend time with them. They arrived with Easter goodies galore (even the pup got an Easter bone!) and enough "nibbles" to replace a normal-sized dinner. We started our fun up on the patio, since it was so nice outside, drinking wine and catching up. It even got hot enough for me to need to change out of my long-sleeved dress, and into something a little more summery.
Tim and his grandma :)
Me (in outfit #2!) and Tim's Grandpa, enjoying the sun
Tim and his sweet grandparents before dinner on the patio
We moved inside around dinnertime and started a mad game of Tripoley, since we'd snacked so much we weren't ready for real food yet. Tim and his grandpa even took the scooter out past the beach and around our neighborhood, so cute!
Grandpa outfitted and ready for his scooter ride!
We had SO MUCH FUN this Easter, and were so thankful that Tim's grandparents were able to make the drive down to spend it with us.

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