Monday, July 22, 2013


This weekend was the 10th annual California wine festival in Santa Barbara. A 3-day event centered on wine? Sign me up!

Okay actually don't; we couldn't afford the whole thing, so we picked just one of the events. So, Saturday, we walked down to the park for a four-hour beachside wine and appetizer tasting.

And it was awesome.

Hundreds of wineries, dozens of food vendors, and even a handful of breweries too! Of course, the majority on the food vendors were serving cheese, olive oil/vinegars, or ceviche for some reason. It was sponsored by a bunch of seafood restaurants , and maybe that was the easiest thing to make for a gigantic crowd of winos...?

Still, though. Ceviche is delicious and I had no problem with that. The oyster shooters, though? Probably not the best choice.


But anyway.  We got there about a half hour into it and people were already hammered. So that pretty much set the time for the afternoon...

Tim, fantastic job on the awesome date day!

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