Tuesday, April 23, 2013

my life is random. so is this post.

// This past weekend was thie first weekend home in six weeks.: 1)Spontaneous trip to the Bay Area when Dev asked Adri's dad to marry her, 2) Camping, 3) Easter {here, but still hectic}, 4) packing up the cabin and Elisse's Shower, 5) Jen's wedding followed by five days in New York, Phew! It was so good to be home and get stuff done

// I got my motorcycle permit on Good Friday, but due to all the insanity lately (See above), I didn't take the bike (aka scooter) out until this week. Yikes! Since my first time on the scooter this Sunday though, I've been out every day. I started out in deserted parking lots, as you do, and gained enough confidence to venture out on the streets on my second day. The goal is to be taking the scooter to work by Friday! We'll see how that goes. Wish me luck!

// I've taken a bit of a project hiatus (again, see bullet 1) and I can't believe how much it's affected my mood. I need to dig into something! Spring cleaning may be my best bet right now--lots of weekends away from home=very little organization going on. 

// Wedding-related text conversations with my brother are the best. I am beyond stoked for this wedding, you guys; expect to hear about it WAY too often!

// Have you ever seen the show White Collar? I cannot describe how obsessed with this show Tim and I are right now. We're working through Season 3 right not on Netflix. It's especially fun right now after our trip to New York, as the show takes place in Manhattan. It's so fun to see places we just visited on TV!

// Plans are under way for lots of exciting summer fun. Counting the days. 
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  1. aren't you scared of riding a motorcycle?? it is of course smart to take classes and stuff but still i always hear about accidents


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