Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I hinted a couple times in earlier posts, but our queen-sized duvet cover was actually made from two king-sized flat sheets.  We could have just ordered two flat sheets from a department store, but who does that? Nope, we were cheapies and since this project was also spur-of-the-moment, we went to Ross. We were able to get two king-sized sheet sets (made of nice material!) for what we would have paid for ONE a la carte flat sheet. Winning!

While I was stoked about the deal, I was even more stoked that I’d have scrap “fabric” in the pillowcases and fitted sheets that with a little tweaking could be made into something really awesome. My first scrap project (yes, there were several) was a maxi skirt. 

And before you ask, YES this is a mirror shot (husband was out of town), and YES I'm standing on our guest bed. Our room was too confusing, being that I was essentially wearing the bedspread and all.  Anyway, I loosely followed a tutorial I found on Pinterest by A Small Snippet to make my maxi skirt, and I'm pretty happy with it. 

Side note: Remember back when I was discovering all this cool stuff about ironing? Well, this project taught me one more thing. The heat/steam settings on your iron? They actually mean something (who knew?):

AAAAARGHGGHHGHHGHHHHH!!! Seriously?!? It took like a fraction of a second, too. Ridiculous.

So, had to try my hand at patching. It's not perfect, by ANY stretch of the imagination, but it really isn't that noticeable when you're wearing the thing (side note: check out that wonderfully straight HEM! I'm stoked.)

It's so COMFY, like wearing a blanket around your legs! I took a nap in it when hubby was gone. 

In all, pretty proud of myself. I just can't wear this in our room, because I totally match the duvet. 


  1. Britty,
    i LOVE the way the skirt turned out!!! so glad my tutorial inspired you! it looks awesome!! thanks for telling me about it so i could come check it out.
    ps: by any chance, does the title of this post have anything to do with The Bachelor?? maybe not, but i'm a big fan of that show (trash, i know, but still) and there is a girl on there that says "winning" and my friends and i always joke about it! just wondering!! made me laugh!


    1. Haha no relation to the bachelor, but OH MY GOODNESS I seriously hate that I love that show so much. Courtney is my husband's favorite--he says it's just because she's so entertaining and I am choosing to believe him :)
      Thanks for stopping by! I LOVE your blog :)

  2. Is there anyway you could post/email how you did yours? I tried following the tutorial on small snippet and had the hardest time with the elastic thread and wanted to see how you added in your elastic band. Thanks so much!

  3. @Tdawn, I was going to email you but your account wasn't connected to an email :(. I actually didn't use an elastic thread on this one; I had a thin elastic band so I sewed it onto the fabric (while stretching it) using a basic zigzag stitch. I'll post a tutorial one of these days; looks like a trip to the fabric store is in order!

  4. That face..........


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