Monday, December 10, 2012


Due to an incident involving spinach-artichoke dip that resulted in second-degree burns all over my poor husband, our hall-decking process took a little longer than anticipated this year {he's fine now, thank goodness}. However, garlands are lit, the tree is finished, and we're ready for Christmas!

Table Centerpiece and hanging bulbs created from leftover wedding decor. Repurposing for the win!
Christmas candle burning pretty much 24/7, since our fluffy tree isn't smelly enough.   

Christmas tree by day and by night (also a sneak peek at our Christmas Card photo setup!)
And hiding behind our tree is a wall of falling snowflakes, which were cut out and run through the sewing machine in about an hour. Such a fun project!
And also, our living room glows pink at night. Love it.
Merry Christmas {season}!


  1. Oh wow. Everything looks amazing!!

  2. Poor guy, hope he's okay! Beautiful decor! :)

  3. I love the snowflakes! Glad hubs is okay!

  4. Your decorations look really cool! I really like the hanging ornaments by your window, reminds me of snow falling! Plus of course the snowflake garlands behind the tree; that looks like something I could get my kids to do!

  5. Everything looks super awesome! I can't wait to see it at the christmas party you're totally going to have now (hint hint). Your house is the biggest!


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