Thursday, March 28, 2013

jumping on the "5 things" train

Eliza tagged me in her "5 things" post {thanks hun!}, so I thought I'd play along.
Amy Rizzuto Photography

one // I used Powerpoint, Word, and Paint to design all of my wedding paper products. I have a fancy-schmancy photo editing and design program but I rarely use it. 

two // My first job ever {aside from babysitting, which I don't really count} was the "kennel girl" at a Veterinary Hospital. I was a senior in high school. I cleaned up after surgery, did laundry, picked up poop, and eventually graduated up to actually giving shots, taking temperatures, and running stool samples {yuk}. I decided that the long hours and emotional detachment common to the Veterinary field wasn't really my cup of tea, but I entered college declared as a Pre-Veterinary major anyway. {I quickly switched to Biology, but dropped that when I realized that Intro to Bio bored me to tears. I ended up graduating from college as a Psych major. That's a different story.}.

three // Sour candy is my Kryptonite. Any kind. I have once consumed an entire 2lb bag of Sour Patch Kids in one sitting {for shame}. My mouth was bleeding but I couldn't stop. Also included in my top-5 candy "flavors" are Swedish fish {they're in a category all their own} and Black Licorice.

four // The only time I've lied about my age is when a snooty hairdresser finds out I'm married and asks me how old I am. It's never an "oh, how old are you" but rather "how old ARE you??!?!". I have no idea why the hairdresser thing is important, but it's the only time I ever actually lie about it. I am not ashamed that I married "young" {And it wasn't that young, I married at 23!} but for some reason salon chairs take away my spine or something. 

five // I love lipstick {news to no one}. The majority of my "collection" is from the 80's. #marykaymomforthewin
This is one of the only "new" lipsticks I'll wear: Bare Escentuals Pretty Amazing in Strength
The rest is almost as old as I am :)
MK Richest Raspberry // MK Really Red // MK Hibiscus
MK Ruby Red // MK Plum Pearl (they don't even make this color anymore)

Tag, you're it! Allison // Anne // Merrick // Allie // the other Allison and anyone else who wants to play along!
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  1. I LOVE all of those lipsticks! You look great in pretty much any color. (:

  2. I'll play!
    1: I've broken my tooth twice; once on a bowling ball and once on a dance floor!
    2: I've been to every state in the US (not including PR, but that's not a state)
    3: My high school nickname was Stevie, because I reminded my favorite teacher of Stevie Nicks
    4: I can knit and crochet and hand-quilt but I cannot sew with a sewing machine to save my life.
    5: I fell off a boat when I was three and almost drowned; my mom had to jump in after me. To this day, sunlight streaming through water freaks me out, and I don't like going in water where I can't see a bottom.
    That was fun!

  3. Man, I wish I could pull off lipstick with such confidence! I always feel self-conscious wearing bright colors. :-\

  4. I married at 20. And let me tell you what, being a hairstylist I had a lot of snooty clients tell me that I was making the biggest mistake and I SHOULDN'T get married. 5 years and a baby later... we're still going strong :)
    Age is really no one else's business!

  5. Dang, you pull off all of those lipsticks really well!! Especially the brighter pink colors.

    23 isn't young to be married! No shame girl! ;D


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