Wednesday, March 27, 2013

yacht eye candy

As you may remember, Tim and I had the opportunity recently to model in a Yacht shoot for a photography conference. Feel free to click through and see some of the insta sneak peeks in that post if you haven't seen them already; I'll wait..........

...... okay welcome back. When I say I am overwhelmed by the pictures that we got back, don't take that as an exaggeration. First of all, the shoot was with professional photographers, i.e. they do this for a living, i.e. every picture was absolutely fantastic. Second, there were more than 30 of them on the shoot. Third, we were out on the water for 3 hours. 

Yeah, we have like a million photos to sort through. I love it :)
Here are a few {a very pared down few} of my favorites. Because holy heck there were so many.

Amy Rizzuto Photography  
When we were finished, they rushed us down into the hold to change into something more casual. They weren't done with us yet!
Um, how am I going to choose which ones to PRINT?!


  1. Such a romantic post !
    Awesome pictures


    Coline ♡

  2. Brittany these pictures are GORGEOUS! What an awesome opportunity to get back into your wedding dress and take some fun pictures! Mucho jealous of you girl.

  3. Yay! Yacht pictures! They came out so beautiful--your guys' kids are going to be GORGEOUS!

  4. Stunning, girl!! What an amazing opportunity!

    Lawfully Lost

  5. These photos are incredible, you are one lucky duck! I mean you're such a beautiful couple, they didn't have to work too hard to make you guys look great!


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