Friday, November 9, 2012

some lighthearted numbers

one  ballot cast. Thankful for the right to vote!
two  visitors coming this weekend! Tim's mom and hubby will be coming into town this weekend to see him run the HALF MARATHON! I'm thrilled for him; he's done so well in training. 
three  weeks until my favorite holiday OF ALL TIME. Thanksgiving, bring it on.
four  is the number of temper tantrums that I had to deal with at work.
PS: You would think that temper tantrums wouldn't be something I'd have to deal with working at a college-level institution, right? Haha if only.
PPS: said tantrums were put on by both faculty and student alike. #isitvacationyet?
five  days (including today) until an awesome exciting package arrives at my door! Hint: its a sweet-awesome rug. I'm officially an adult.
six  sounds a little bit like "sick", which adequately describes the lovely bubble necklace that finally was delivered :) I want to wear it every day. 
seven  pumpkin-spice "lattes" (really cafe o'laits) consumed by Tim and I over the course of the week (altogether, not each!). Hey, when they're almost free and dang better for you than Starbucks', I can't really resist them (and neither should you. I'll share my recipe soon).
nine  o'clock; the bedtime of choice the past few nights. Being sick is the pits.
ten  more papers in my inbox..... I can do this on a friday, right? Ready, set, GO!


  1. This is too cute. Thanks for sharing, love! (PS I am at the edge of my SEAT waiting for your Pumpkin spice concoction, missy! I saw your IG and about drooled on my phone. LOOKS SO GOODDDDDDD).

  2. Hi Brittany! I found your blog via pinterest (of all places)! Someone had pinned a picture of your Halloween costume and I thought it was so cute! I love your blog so much, can't wait to hear about your husband's half marathon!

  3. seriously one of my favorite things ever is getting packages on my doorstep! haha part of the reason why i love shopping online! ;)

  4. im waiting on two bubble necklaces!


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