Friday, November 16, 2012

lessons learned

:: I re-learned that my husband's a champ!!! Finished his half marathon in a little over 2 hours (he totally exceeded his goal!). I'm so.dang.proud.
...BUT as a result of ^^^, Tim will stop at nothing to motivate me to run, including stealing my long-awaited packages before I get home from work and not giving them back until I work out {I'm definitely in the "tough love" phase of my training schedule, that's for SURE}. He's a keeper :)

:: I learned that Murphy's Law applies to Kitchen appliances, too. A week before Thanksgiving, our oven went out. Waiting on the landlady/repairman to help out has been fun {not}.

:: I learned that I bruise much easier than I originally thought, discovered during an episode involving a zombie spider and a bathroom vanity. I have a four-inch-wide bruise covering the majority of my hip that will.not.go.away!

:: I learned that little cold birdies like space-heaters, too. When that thing is put-put-putting away, he'll sit exactly two feet in front of it (never closer, never further) and hunker down. NOTHING can get him to budge after that.

You learned anything fun this week?

1 comment:

  1. I learned never to dye your hair pink unless you intend it to stay that way forever, because my hairdresser had to dye over it TWICE to hide it!

    I hope everything works out with the oven, or that you can convince someone else to cook! :)


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