Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! First of all, I wanted to thank you guys so much for the support I got from you all about my guest post on Merrick’s Art this week. You are all so wonderful. Those of you joining us from Merrick's blog, Welcome! 
Speaking of the guest post, if you saw this Tuesday, you might be familiar with my discovery of snaps (If not, go check it out!). Tim’s slightly concerned; I’m looking everywhere (in our house, in our closet, in the stores…) for things I can “improve” with the addition of a shiny new snap. His concern is justified.

I’ve been wearing my hair curled this week, and haven’t once used a curling iron! (sorcery, I tell you!)
The Headband curl has been my go-to hairdo method lately, and since it’s so quick (and I can do it at night, which means I get to sleep in, yay!!), it’s always been my favorite. Thanks, Pinterest and youtube :) 
Also to be noted about this picture: That red is my current fave lipstick. (Bare Escentuals Pretty Amazing in Strength. LOVE.)
I bit the bullet and bought a bubble necklace from Caroline G. this week (okay, I'll admit it; I bought it because there was a half-off deal on facebook. Still excited though!).

Right photo: Source unknown; Left photo: via

We’re housesitting for a family in our church this weekend, and we’re STOKED. It’s in our wildest-dream neighborhood (we can maybe afford it if we win the lottery), there’s BOTH a mountain view and an ocean view, and the best part: both views are accessible via their Hot Tub. AND they said we can have people over. YEE!

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  1. LOVE your purchase! so pretty! and I'm new here but your hair is gorgeous!! Found you through the Friday Faves!
    Helene in Between

  2. I will definitely be checking out the curl tip. This sounds like it's better for your hair too since there's no heat. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I was a little unsure when I bought my bubble necklace but have worn it SO much and love it! I know you'll enjoy yours too!

    Found ya via Friday Faves!



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