Thursday, February 13, 2014

thread frame organizer // diy

I have a bunch of vintage thread I inherited from my grandmother, and have since been adding new colors as I run out. It's not a huge collection, mind you--I don't do nearly enough sewing to justify buying a bunch of thread all the time. But it's large enough, and was starting to get to be a pain. I would store it in one of two places: either in a vintage cookie tin with all the rest of my sewing notions or all over my workspace. This fact alone was the reason we were calling it the "crap room" rather than the craft room....
DIY thread storage
Now, using a $3 piece of molding and a broken ikea frame left over from our failed gallery wall, I have a much better solution.
DIY thread storage
I whitewashed the moulding pieces and secured them in place using finishing nails. I haven't decided if I will be adding a backing to it, or if it will just hang on the wall as-is, but so far, I'm loving it!For now, it's hanging out on the top of my CLEAN! desk, and that is infinitely better than what we were working with before :)
DIY thread storage

What do you think? Usable, or just a nice idea?

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