Tuesday, February 11, 2014


East Beach Santa Barbara at sunset
East Beach, Santa Barbara, at Sunset
Not counting the three days last week that Tim flew to Atlanta to square away some new employee orientation at his new corporate headquarters, he's been working full-time from home.
Cabrillo Beach Boulevard, Santa Barbara, at sunset
Cuh-razy!!!!! Talk about a lifestyle change. The commute to work is a good five steps into the guest-room-now-office. The dog hangs out at his feet all day, and he can split his time between the office and our patio, which has been great this past week with our gorgeous 75* Santa Barbara winter! Oh, and since I'm still not working, I see him all.the.time. Blessing and a curse? We'll see! haha
Both dog and bird helped me with the office setup. It was.. interesting.
Before he started this job though, we had a little four-day long staycation here in town and we drank.it.in. The time was spent unplugging from society (hence, lack of blogging!) and prepping for this change. We slept in, went to the beach almost every day, finished up a few projects around the house (like our dining room table and the instagram wall). Oh, and we built him a standing desk (coming to the blogosphere soon!) and the next day found a stool so he didn't have to stand all day. ha ha I totally called it!
the surface of Tim's new desk is reclaimed hardwoods, and they're YUMMY!
But now, vacation's over and it's back to our new "normal".
Whatever that may be.

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  1. What a gorgeous sunset! I love the beach--wish we lived closer so we could enjoy it together :) I'm glad you got to enjoy your week of staycation. Glad you're back though!


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