Monday, July 9, 2012

the 7th of July "holiday" weekend

Hi Friends! Welcome back to Monday after the short "holiday" weekend. (Fourth of July on a Wednesday is just so mean; I feel cheated out of the extra day!).
We spent the weekend up at the lake with Tim's family. It was quite the party: 21 people (10 of which were kids, yikes!), three cabins, two dogs, and a bird (who stayed in the cabin; no lake time for him!).

We did some surfing, BBQ-ing, and lots of catching up (none of which of course was caught on camera).Oh, and there was lots and lots of sun!
What'd you do this weekend?

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  1. Wow 21 people in a cabin! What an achievement! :) Hope you had a great one!!


  2. Finally made it here <3 I so miss water activities! Feels like the only water here in NYC is water you wouldn't really want to go for a dip in! <3 Courtney BaxtronLife


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