Tuesday, July 3, 2012

why pinterest is good for self-esteem.

In the past three days, I've been getting emails from people telling me that one of our wedding pictures was popping up all over the wedding board on Pinterest. After the third email, I decided to check it out. Sure enough:
That's us! We froze in the wind after the ceremony and the groomsmen gave us their coats; Jessica got a shot of it.
And then, after some browsing, I found this:

Tim and I during our sunset portraits! D'aww.
And then this!

Our groomsmen struttin' their stuff.
Ego boost!! It's funny; you get compliments on your wedding day and for a few months afterwards, and it feels fantastic. But it's something else entirely to be affirmed by people you don't even know (and never will know!). Long after the wedding is over.
Have you ever been "pinned"? How did it feel?

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