Monday, July 16, 2012

weekeend recap

This weekend was fantastic. It was the perfect combination of productivity and relaxation. And fun, interspersed with a bunch of episodes of Lost. Although that was fun too.

On Saturday, Tim's mom came through town on her way back to Arizona, so we cooked a little brunch for her and her friend.

Tim had a field day setting up a swanky little setup for our soiree (he even used our china!). Therefore, I too took some creative license with the french toast.

We also had fruit skewers and yummy quiche. Also mimosas, of course. Delish. We had the best time catching up (even though we'd seen each other the weekend before).

Once she'd left town, Tim and I got to work making use of the giant pile of frames I'd collected using Michael's 50% off coupons. Oh and all the other fun little eclectic pieces we were going to hang on our little gallery wall.
We removed the paper backing for most of the frames and started playing around with a layout, then stuck the paper onto the wall to reflect it as best we could.

Then, using  Command Picture Hanging Strips, we one-by one replaced the paper with the empty frame (for most of them, we cut the strips in half, since the frames were pretty light. It's been a couple days and none of them have budged! Plus, our landlady won't have too much of an aneurysm when she sees it. At least once we tell her that they're not up there with nails).
We ran out of strips before we could finish, but since we know the layout, we can start picking the pictures we want to use.
Because yep, we started a gallery wall with only a couple pictures and a buncha empty frames.


  1. jack and i are on a Lost kick too. Only into season 2 but I might lose interest soon. He wants to skip to the end of season 7 just to see what happens. We might!

  2. I love it! I love gallery walls. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. the gallery looks so good!

    come say hi at

    have a great day!

  4. What a beautiful brunch! I love the french toast dip presentation :)


  5. Hello from a new follower!
    I totally love the French Toast, that is such a cute idea!

    That display of pictures is so pretty, it will look so nice once you have picked out all your pictures!


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