Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm getting too old for this... plus an Iron Man 3 and Great Gatsby review!

The last few days have been rough at work, so partway through the day we decided that last night was going to be Date Night. It was needed; Tim and I haven't had a whole lot of intentional time to ourselves lately!

We got "dolled up" (as in, Tim threw on a new shirt and I swapped my work-appropriate flats for my sky-highest heels) and practically stuffed ourselves with sushi from our favorite restaurant. Let's just say that this dinner will most likely not appear on my calorie counting app...

My fav. 6-inch 5-dollar heels from Pink Basis (similar here)
Tim is no longer allowed to say anything when I wear them. ;)
Next up was a double-feature at the drive in! I had never been to a drive-in movie, so this was a fun new experience for me. We paid 5 bucks each and drove right up to the screen, tuned into the audio track radio station, and enjoyed! I was a little worried that we'd run out of battery running the radio straight for 4 hours with the car off, so I kept panicking and having Tim run the engine periodically--other than that, it was awesome.

Even better: They were playing Iron Man 3 and The Great Gatsby, two movies I'd been really wanting to see. Score! We brought our own movie snacks and drinks, and settled in under our blankets for the movie marathon.

This morning, though, I felt the junk food and the late night--I can't handle that kind of thing as well as I used to be able to!  I'm getting too old for this... stuff. Here's what I thought of the two movies:

Iron Man 3: Great fun flick. Robert Downey was witty and sarcastic as always, the effects were spectacular, and Gwen Paltrow made me want to go lift weights. I found myself alternating between gasping in surprise and laughing out loud the entire film--I really did like it. I did feel like you should watch the trailer right before seeing the movie though; there were a lot of plot holes throughout the flick that were "answered" in the trailer. Also, I have ZERO recollection of what happened in Iron Man 2 so it could be that my questions would have been answered had I remembered. Overall, A-!

The Great Gatsby: Entertaining, definitely, and it stayed relatively true to the novel (which is really important to me). And OH MY GOODNESS what an awesome wardrobe. Can I just have all of Daisy's gorgeous house dresses, please? They looked like something out of Vera Wang's dreams. However, I was so distracted throughout the movie by the theatricality of the movie itself! You could really tell that it was directed by the same guy who did Moulin Rouge--he's a fan of the big swooping camera angles and surreality in group scenes. I was also distracted by the eclectic mix of music. I appreciated the attempt to attract younger audiences by including hip-hop tracks but it was so anachronistic and just plain odd in parts! Overall, I'd give the movie a B+ but will definitely have to see it again before I make a final call. Maybe it was my expectations that made it slightly disappointing? Either that or the late hour--we were still watching long after 1am!

Have you seen either of those movies? 
What did you think?


  1. I so want to go to a drive-in! How fun. I haven't seen either of these movies, but hopefully I'll get to see Gatsby soon!

  2. I love the hair and thanks for the review :) Thanks Brit!


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