Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

SO Memorial Day weekend was fun.

You may remember that weekend almost two months ago when Tim and I packed up the family cabin and got ready to pass the keys on to some new owners. Well, long story short, (instagram friends may know this already!) the sale fell through, so Tim's mom is looking again for new buyers.

In the meantime, temporarily, the use of the cabin is ours again. Just in time for Memorial Day.

We headed up to Lake Nacimiento friday after work to soak up some rays and catch up with family (This of course means consuming TONS of food and wine, lake-style. Fire up the BBQ, baby!) There were about 24 of us up there at any one time, so it was quite the show.

The community up there hosts competitions on holiday weekends, to keep the little kids occupied. Year after year, the "big kids" (aka adults) all want in on the action as well. As you can imagine it's quite a bit more physical than the little kids..

Sunday afternoon, Tim's brother Bill, sister-in-law Kate, and 13-year-old twin nephews Liam and Colin joined us up at the cabin too. It was so fun! There was driving practice on the golf carts for the twins, water balloon fights, and of course just general horsing around. Those kids LOVE Uncle Tim!

Gusty winds kept us from actually doing any watersports (Memorial Day can be so unpredictable!) but we still managed to get some time in the boat with Bill and Kate and the boys.

While we were out riding, though, we had a little run-in....

Yep, we got pulled over! They were shooting what looked like a training movie, so pretty much everyone out on the water got pulled over for something minor and got "warnings" on tape. It freaked the twins out though! haha

uh, dad???!
We fished (and by "we" I mean the twins and Billy), sunbathed, swam, and caught up. Perfect weekend!

Colin caught a little catfish! Billy made him kiss it; gross!
Kate and I catching up and soaking in some vitamin D!
Their Doxie-uaua Louis. Cute little chubby guy!
How was your Memorial Day?

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  1. This looks like an absolutely perfect Memorial Day weekend! Boats and grilling and being outside- perfect!

    1. Right??! We were so glad we were able to go--with the cabin sale we weren't sure we'd ever get back up there!

  2. How awesome is it that you still got to go up! That's hat memorial days are made for! Love the hat on you :)

  3. Looks like ya'll had a ton of fun!!

  4. That looks like the greatest Memorial Day!!! :)


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