Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dilip & Stephanie

A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of one of my oldest friends to the love of his life. Congratulations to Dilip & Stephanie! The wedding was held in Walnut Creek, and aside from being pelted with falling acorns during the ceremony & reception, the setting could not have been more beautiful. ;)
Jeff (a home-church pastor) and one of his three gorgeous daughters.
Devon & Adri, waiting for the ceremony to start
I met Dilip in the sixth grade; we went to school together and attended the same church, he was a good friend of my brother's. In high school, the girls' friend group and the guys' kind of melded into one big happy family, so Dilip was one of my closest friends growing up. He's the kind of guy who was always surrounded by girls but never had a girlfriend, so when he started dating Stephanie it was a BIG clue that she was special. Seeing him watch her walk down the aisle to become his bride, it was obvious. His best man put it perfectly: He wasn't being noncommital, he just hadn't met his Stephanie yet.

She was positively glowing!
Their wedding ceremony was beautiful and meaningful, and it was so great to see the love that they had for each other. Dilip met Stephanie long after I had moved to Santa Barbara, so I'd never seen him with her before. It was a trip, but so lovely.

Taking their first communion together.
Stephanie reading Dilip her vows.
The reception was just as carefully thought out as the ceremony was, and so full of love! It was whimsical and romantic, with just a little bit of Indian flare. I mean, check out the wedding henna the bridesmaids all had!
Gorgeous centerpieces (one of which MAY or may not have made it home with us... Sorry guys) // Sheri's gorgeous henna
I'm classy with my silver bullets.
My sweet Mama & Daddy, who rarely can take a "normal" picture ;)
Dev & Adri, who are NEXT YEEEEEEEEEE
Our sweet friend Vanessa of Angel Bites Bakery & Cakes did the cupcakes for the event, and OH MY GOSH. Nessa we're still talking about your cupcakes, no joke. If you're in the Bay Area, HIRE HER IMMEDIATELY.
Vanessa's gorgeous cupcakes and equally lovely setup
We couldn't wait to dig into 'em, but of course D&S had to do their cake cutting first. They were nice, no smashing involved. BOOOOOOO haha. I'm all about a good cake smashing.
I need to figure out how to take good pictures with sparklers, no joke. I still thought these were fun, so deal with their sparkly blurry-ness.

The ONE normal-looking picture I got of my parents, and its blurryyyyyy!!!!!
Dilip & Stephanie,

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  1. What a gorgeous wedding! Love the henna tattoos, and your dress is too cute!


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