Friday, October 25, 2013


One benefit to my current state of non-employment is the ability to tag along on some of my husband's business trips (like this one, although I was actually working at the time whoops). My current fave trip though: business trips where we can stay with my parents!

Daisy loves visiting my parents; she's not really allowed to run free on Santa Barbara trails!
I've recently calculated that I have been home to visit like clockwork every two weeks for the past couple months for either various wedding-related events or business trips. While I would love a weekend with nothing on the schedule, it's been fun to visit my hometown so often and catch up with family and friends.
Helping my mama make dinner in their NEW KITCHEN!
Love my daddy!
After Dilip and Stephanie's wedding, we stayed in the Bay Area for a few days for work a work event. (We have been doing a lot of those lately!). 
Getting ready for the gala // Driving my dad's car makes Tim giddy
The San Rafael bridge into... well, San Rafael.
This event was yet another anniversary gala for yet another affordable housing provider (Tim had been working closely with these clients, hence the plethora of black-tie events). It was hosted at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon, across the bay from San Francisco. Hello gorgeous!
Corinthian Yacht Club, Tiburon, California
Best part of the night? Maybe.
The food ws delicious (mashed potato martini GET IN MY BELLY!), the venue was to die for, and the speakers were very touching.
The gorgeous San Francisco Skyline, as seen from Tiburon (that's the Bay Bridge, not the GG, in case you were curious)
Leaving my parents' home is always hard, even so long after moving out. LOVE THEM! We always leave there with lots more than we arrived; this time we brought back the last two chairs to the patio set I thrifted there last time.

One fact that makes leaving easier: We would see them in another two weeks (haha I told you! Like clockwork). Devon & Adri are getting married!!!!!!!


  1. mmmmm Mashed poatoes martini bar! yum

  2. HOW did I miss this post! we love having you "hoome"! (PS - nice pic of your Dad!)


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