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I had intended to write about the last few events in chronological order, but I just couldn't do it. This weekend's festivities were just too much fun to leave for the end of the week, and going through the photos helped me with my desert bachelorette party withdrawals. So, you get Adri's final fling details first!

We stayed the weekend at The Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs, and we couldn't have asked for a better bachelorette party venue. I mean, really:

Saturated rainbow tones EVERYWHERE! // Fun little desert vignette in the lobby
The hotel was one giant square overlooking the pool area. Every balcony was a different color! Ours was green :)
LOVE! Isn't it super fun and girly??!
The rooms were just as bright and fun inside as out. We loved this stinkin' place
I drove down to LA to meet up with the Maid of Honor and to pick up Adri at the airport. The three of us drove to Palm Springs and met up with three other bridesmaids (missed you Tara!). They'd gotten our room Bachelorette Party ready while we drove.
That first night was spent decorating plastic tumblers for drinks by the pool (which we didn't end up using anyway) and making tank tops with a bleach pen to wear the next day. Oh and mixing drinks and talking wedding night deets. As you do :)
Decorating tumblers with paint pens and stick-on rhinestones.
Jessie and her bleach pen tank top. Write on with bleach, wait at least 10 mins, wash off. Easy peasy!
My shirt for the weekend :)

Adri's Entourage, sporting our shirts the next morning!
We had a pretty late night, so coffee was a MUST. For some reason the hotel didn't give us any coffee (?!?!?!?!), so we took a little desert walk to the nearest coffee shop. It was a chance to wear our "Entourage" shirts and parade our little bride around town. Oh and get caffeine, duh.

needed // "two desert blocks" is a LOT further than you think!
Megan, Teressa, Lizzie, Adri, & Jessie, post coffee and across from our hotel
When we got back to the hotel, it was time for the pool! There was a strict "no outside food or beverage" rule in the pool area, so that meant that the bedazzled cups we'd made earlier were a no-go. Instead, we borrowed some cups from the poolside bar used those instead ;). Sneaky sneaky.

Adri, Megan, and Jessie riding the coveted pool toy. By sunset, the swan was missing both wings and the head was deflated haha
The pool was THE place to be! It was 90* outside, so it was hot but not unbearable to be in the sun. It was crowded (with like 4 other bridal parties and at least two birthday parties!), there was a DJ, the water was warm, and the bartender was busy. I saw at least five people eat concrete, which was classy of course. We spent hours and hours poolside, until our skin was both pruny and leathery and it became very clear that we'd all only eaten hummus and carrots for "lunch" that day. 

Pre-dinner pic, a self-timer set on the roof of a parked car. That's how we do.
I'll tell you, six girls sharing one bathroom to shower and get ready to go out was an adventure, but somehow we managed. How a hotel room got away with only two usable outlets and one mirror is beyond me; we had to decide between lights and hair dryers at one point. HOWEVER, we headed out the door in record time. The speed was likely due to the fact that we were starving.... Food is a powerful motivator.
Adri in front of our restaurant, Las Casuelas Nuevas
Waiting to order. Such a fun restaurant!
Our besties, the Mariachi Band who serenaded us with some awesome songs.
We drove over to Las Casuelas Nuevas for dinner that night, and it knocked our socks off. Granted, I'm not an expert on restaurants in the Palm Springs area, but DANG it was good. The patio was gorgeous, the food was good, and their margaritas not overwhelmingly strong :). An added bonus was their Mariachi band, not normally something I'm into. They won my heart when they played for us the wedding march that later morphed into a funeral dirge--hilarious and unexpected. They also wrote Adri a song and got the whole restaurant singing along with them. Hey Adri, Que paso??
Adri getting serenaded by the Mariachis, accompanied by the whole restaurant.
So fun!
Our group during dinner
Post-dinner, with the little girl who fell in LOVE with Adri. Girls just can't resist veils and sashes, I'm certain. She was so sweet!
The hotel concierge had given us VIP passes to get into one of the clubs downtown, so that was the plan. However, after dinner, it was pretty clear that we were headed more towards food comas than a second wind, so that didn't happen haha. While Mexican food is great post-all-day-sun-and-drinking food, it's not so great right before dancing! I drove us back to the hotel for some hot-tubbing, cocktails, and some good old-fashioned wedding night advice instead, and to be honest, it was way more fun. Who needs clubs, am I right?

Our gorgeous hotel at night
So excited for Dev & Adri's wedding in less than TWO WEEKS! Gaah love you guys


  1. love it! Thanks for taking the time to document your very fun girls trip! She is going to be a BEAUTIFUL Bride - inside and out! love you


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