Tuesday, October 8, 2013

the last few days: beach babysitting, fall fads, and margarita monday

Número uno.
digging holes // skipping rocks // goofy kids // finding fun wedding goodies
Forgive the tiny and weirdly spaced pics; I hate uploading directly from my phone! This weekend was my college's homecoming weekend, which meant that alumni from all over congregated in Santa Barbara for the festivities. One of those alumni was my cousin (mom's cousin, but who's getting technical?), who was celebrating her 20th reunion this year. While she celebrated with her friends on campus, I volunteered to hang out with her 3 kidlets, and we had a blast. Skipping rocks at low-tide, scavenging for leftover wedding props people left on the beach, digging holes; sometimes I forget how much fun the beach is for a kid. I mean, I love it, but it's a whole new playground when you do the beach with kids. I usually only get to see these kiddos at family weddings (of which lately we've had lots!) but a wedding is not exactly the time to really get to know family, right? Especially kids. We had a ton of fun and I can't wait to see this family again at my baby brother's wedding in November.

Número dos.
enjoying "fall" on my patio // homemade Pumpkin Spice "latte" (café au lait, really. Divine)
Fall in Santa Barbara doesn't mean the same thing as it does in other parts of the country, but we still try to participate in traditions that are quintessential "fall". Pumpkin spice-flavored everything still shows up on shelves. Scarves and sweaters and boots magically appear in stores and closets and in street fashion, although the scarves are lightweight and boots are as often seen with skirts and shorts as pants. I am guilty of snagging a jar of pumpkin butter off the Trader Joes shelves as soon as it appears and making my own pumpkin spice coffee creamer (because I can make my own creamer but can't bring myself to try pumpkin butter for some reason. Don't care enough maybe). I made my first batch this weekend and I am so glad I did. It's delicious and every bit as glorious as Starbucks only cheaper, less fat, and not as cool I guess? Who cares. I'll share the recipe on the blog next week; it's worth it.

Número tres
Former students Baylee and Katie and I yesterday at Margarita Monday! (I MISSED ALL THE REST OF YOU TOO!)
Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting up with a few former students for a little reunion catch-up over Margarita Monday (um, let me just say that you can sign me up for that again whenever). What was supposed to be just a quick meetup for coffee turned into a fun 2-hour laughfest full of equal part catching up and reminiscing. These guys are no longer my former students; they're my friends! This group of students (the Westmont Psychology class of 2014) are like my protégés; they were freshmen my first year as an instructor in the department, and I have watched and helped them grow into intelligent, well-rounded, and thoughtful men and women. I LOVE IT! The Instagram comments/tweets/Facebook messages/texts/etc from everyone I used to work with reminds me so much of how blessed I was to have had such an incredible work experience. I do not regret leaving my job at Westmont in the least, but I do certainly miss the fantastic people I worked with. I love these guys so much! 


  1. 1. You are a stone cold babe in the last picture (and, consequently, in life).
    2. I have wedding PTSD from those kids. But I love them anyway.

    1. UM agree on #2. Both of the younger ones ended up slung across Tim's shoulders and carried across the street at different points in the night because they were throwing tantrums and wouldn't move.


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