Monday, November 11, 2013


 Hi friends! How was your weekend? Ours was just what the doctor ordered. This weekend was the first in almost three months where we had nothing scheduled. PRAISE THE LORD! It was so very much needed. Some time spent relaxing, some time spent organizing and decluttering the house, some time spent on long beach walks, actually attending our own church...... Holy heck I feel like a new woman.
Lately, life has taken such a ridiculously busy turn. I am not currently working, and yet I am often more exhausted at the end of every day now than I was back when I was full-time employed. Yes, I over-schedule. Yes, we have been going through some personal stuff that drains time, energy, and money. Yes, we have been traveling entirely too much on the weekends, and although it is always for a wonderful reason (weddings, mostly), exhausting weekends bookending exhausting weeks leaves little room for recovery. 

Yikes! Please tell me I'm not the only person feeling like this! Someone once told me that the holiday season (Thanksgiving to New Years) was always the busy one--if that's the case this year, Lord help me!

Let's just say that for sanity's sale, it was a darn good thing we didn't do anything this weekend. 

Decluttering my home helped me feel like I was decluttering my life, you know? I've got bags and bags of stuff that I "couldn't live without" not too long ago, destined for donation (or garbage. Sometimes someone else's trash is just trash, trust me on this).

Then there is the big stuff, the stuff that for me is the hardest to part with. What if we move, and could use an extra end-table? What if someone in the family needs such-and-such, right after we sell or donate it? That's just the "practical" reasons for hanging onto a piece of furniture, let's not even get into the sentimental reasons!

That being said, we've got big plans for our guest room (briefly mentioned here), and in order to make room for those changes we have to say goodbye to some of my favorite pieces of furniture: our couches.
Couch // Loveseat (really a chair-and-a-half)
I love these couches with every fiber of my being, but it's time to let them go (sob). They are from the Pottery Barn Charleston line, and are currently fitted with these stretch slipcovers from Target

Remember back when I wanted to make a whole bunch of pillows and revamp the look of this sofa? Yeah, I barely remember that, too. Well, the idea to redo our guest room came a little after that post went live, so plans changed. It's time to say goodbye, sweet sweet couches (sob)
from this post here
I've had them for years and they're simply the most comfortable sofas ever--nice and deep and fluffy (We're replacing them with a sofabed from Ikea that is WAY less comfy and I'm more than a little bummed about that).

(if you're interested in purchasing them and are in the area, check out the post HERE with dimensions and more info!) 

Do you use Craigslist? Are you more of a "browser" or a seller?


  1. Oh girl, I feel ya on the busy-ness. I can't wait for Thanksgiving week just so I can have a few days in which no one expects me to do anything but eat and lay around. I am overwhelmed and need a few mental health days!

  2. We are busy busy busy here until Thanksgiving when we go up north for 4 days. Those days are what are getting me through the next week (besides by anniversary) :)


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