Friday, November 15, 2013

five things

Pretty business cards to get ready for the Christmas rush at Brittany's Joy Shop. (get your order in soon to avoid the rush!)

The current status of our living room, due to the sale of our couches on CraigsList. We sold them in a day or so (yay!!!), cleared out everything to shampoo the gross nasty rental carpets, and are (hopefully) moving our sectional downstairs this weekend. (Also notice the lack of a gallery wall, which began falling during the summer and was retired for safety reasons).

Spare prints of our wedding day and first year of marriage that never made it up to our gallery wall, found tucked behind the couch. Such a fun surprise!

Our house's current signature scent. I've rediscovered my love for all things gardenia (a love instilled in me during childhood by my grandmother). I picked up this little candle at World Market and it is delightful. 

Exploring a favorite beach at a new time: low low tide. Daisy kept trying to chase birds across the beach and fell into really deep tide pools, hysterical to watch since she is not the biggest fan of water if she can avoid it. She would have to kind of leap-frog back to shore on rocks within reach, and definitely became fully submerged a few times.

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