Monday, November 4, 2013

Devon loves Adri part I: we rehearse!

This weekend, we had a family reunion of the best kind; we celebrated the marriage of my brother Devon and new sister-in-love Adri.
Pre weddng rehearsal :)
It may seem that this blog has become a wedding-related-event recap blog recently, and in a way you would be right!This blog falls into the category of "lifestyle/diy", and since my life and DIY projects of late have been full to the brim with WEDDING!!!!!!!, that's the turn the blog took as well. Don't worry! There will be a bit of a reprieve of wedding-related events after these recaps are over; the next wedding isn't until the end of next month!
What wedding overload looks like
I am going to split Dev & Adri's wedding recap into a few posts, since a) I don't have the emotional capacity to handle it in one sweep all over again and b) there were so many beautiful moments I can't skip out on just because the post was getting long. SO! This week is WEDDING WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! Are you ready??? Here we gooooo!

Devon & Adri's shindig was a semi-destination wedding that took place in a California town called Springville, about four and a half hours Northeast of Tim & I. Rather than staying in a hotel (the closest of which was at least 20 minutes away), my family rented a house on VRBO. Fourteen of us shared a house for the weekend, and it was a BALL.
Tim & Jack being normal // prewedding tongue shaving? I'm hoping this was pantomime :)
{I'm serious, you could probably film a sitcom based on my family and people would watch it. The morning of the wedding, Uncle David was wearing his comforter as a toga, cousin Sydney was dressed up as a penguin, and cousin Jack got tossed into the pool. I didn't manage to snap any photos of this because, well, this kind of stuff is pretty normal for us.}

Friday afternoon involved setting up camp at the house and prepping the wedding venue for the big day. The wedding would be held at the Springville Ranch, so we congregated there Friday afternoon for the rehearsal.

The venue was absolutely gorgeous, unbelieveably so. Once upon a time it was a horse racetrack, but the barn has since been converted to add a few more modern conveniences. The pretty Bride's Room had in another life been stalls for the horses, but it had thankfully been updated since then :)

 The reception was to be held upstairs in the barn, and the ceremony would take place on the lawn overlooking a lake in the middle of the former race track. Adri gave us directions (because I'm going to be honest, the Wedding Coordinator wasn't all that helpful), we rehearsed, and then shuffled on over to the rehearsal dinner!
The bride giving directions to the coordinator, if you can believe it. We were thrilled (NOT) that little Adri had to take charge like that!
The rehearsal dinner was a big huge party, held at the Springville Country Club, across the street from the house we rented. Really, we walked there, which was pretty nice since someone from our house had to schlep the desserts over (thanks to whoever ended up doing that!). We chose to invite all out of town family to the rehearsal dinner, and since this was a semi-destination wedding, that meant all family, period. There were sixty people in attendance! Crazy, but so fun. It gave the bride and groom a chance to chat with family they may or may not get a chance to speak with at the wedding.

It was so fun to chat with and see everyone, and it really set the tone for the rest of the weekend!!!

Next up, getting ready for the wedding!!!

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  1. WHY did nobody get a picture of uncle D in his comforter-toga?!?!?!?


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