Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Devon loves Adri part II: getting ready

Catch up on the series here: rehearsal
The morning of the wedding dawned bright and crazy at the family of the groom's rental house. Like I said before, penguin suits and comforter togas were present, as well as lots of food and morning-appropriate booze like Bailey's and Egg Nog Liqueur.. While the family was busy being our crazy selves, I stole a few moments alone with the groom to give him Adri's wedding present and letter. He approved of the boudoir book she had made him :)

After much breakfasting and family bonding, it was time for me to head on over to the venue to start getting ready. Devon & Tim gave me a ride, since our house was just a few minutes from the venue and the boys would be needing a lot less time to get ready than we would!

He's excited for wedding day!!!
The weather was perfect at the barn that morning, hardly a cloud in the sky (and even the ones that were there in the morning were gone by afternoon).

Before things got too crazy, I pulled Adri aside for some alone time to read Dev's letter to her and open her present. He got her a new Bible engraved with her new married name. So sweet!

Then it was time for hair and makeup! We wanted to be mostly ready when the photographers arrived, so we could "stage" some getting ready photos and then slip the bride into her gown and get on with it!
Speaking of her gown, it was so cute! Such a princess ballgown, and it looked even better on her than on the hanger (which was one of my custom creations from Brittany's Joy Shop). Just wait and see!

We maids slipped into our bridesmaid dresses before the photographers arrived {to minimize nudity in photos if at all possible} and ate some snacks very carefully.
Lizzie, Megan, and Jessie ready to go!
Adri got a few moments alone with her neice, who would be one of the flower girls for the wedding.

 {those of you who've been around awhile and remember Adri's shower, this chunky baby is the same as this one just a few months ago:}
I took that lull in the day to slip out and check on some details for the reception, and everything looked ready to go! 
Once the hair and makeup was fully finalized, empty bellies were filled, and photographers were finished with detail shots of the wedding gown, Adri checked her bouquet and put some finishing touches on her bridal look: the rhinestone "I Do" stickers for the bottom of her boots. LOVE!

By then, the photographers were finished with Adri's dress and it was time to slip it on. GEEEEEHHHHH! It's so real!!
My minutes-from-becoming-sister-in-law looked like Bridal Ariel Barbie, right??! Adri's mom takes in Adri's bridal look. So sweet!
A few moments "alone" in front of the mirror before ladies' portraits and then it would be on to the reason for this whole shindig: Wedding time!

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