Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving in Arizona // part 1

We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Flagstaff, AZ with Tim's mom Sally and her husband Don.

Don, Tim, and Sally on one of the many dog-walks of the weekend
Even though it was snowy outside (sort of), the weather was absolutely beautiful. 
Daisy had her first exposure to snow (LOVED IT), and played constantly with Sally and Don's Aussiedoodle puppies, Hanna and Huckleberry.
 Spock even got to spend some quality time with their cockatiel, Shortcut while we were making Thanksgiving dinner.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Yummy ham, twice baked potatoes, butternut squash, and rolls. mmmmmmm
The next day, we explored the town of Flagstaff and did a little early Christmas shopping.
Daisy approves of shoe shopping. Or is just conceited. Not sure which.
A yummy lunch at Diablo Burger
Family photo (minus the bird, haha)
Wild dogs

So fun exploring the town!

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  1. So fun!! Stupid side note, Flagstaff is where Paramount was supposed to make their first movie and planned to set up the studio there. Since it was snowing, they decided to move west and ended up in Hollywood :)


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