Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving in Arizona // part 2

Our last full day in Arizona, we all drove down to Sedona to see the beautiful red rocks.
Gorgeous, right????! I couldn't get over how unreal the landscape was.
While we were there, they gave us an early Christmas present: a Pink Jeep Tour!
Um, YES?! The Pink jeep took us into the Broken Arrow trail (where the 50's movie Broken Arrow was filmed), and it was INTENSE. Seriously best Christmas present EVERRRRRRRR!
So excited!
We went deep into the desert on our tour for 2 hours, exploring parts of the national forest that you can't access otherwise. I mean, I guess you could have hiked it, but pssh. Pink jeeps are way more exciting, am I right?
 It was like being on the Indiana Jones ride, only without guard rails and no track. YEEEE!

Thanks, Sally and Don! We had such a fun time over Thanksgiving, and LOVED exploring both Flagstaff and Sedona with you :)

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  1. SO pretty!! Arizona is beautiful this time of year.


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