Thursday, December 12, 2013

simple live wreaths

I showed you my fun and simple live wreaths on Tuesday, and as promised, here's the non-tutorial! It's another super simple free christmas decorating trick, and you'd better believe I'll be doing this again and again and again.........
Do yourself a favor and whip up one (or ten). They're whimsical and fun, and the imperfection is what makes them so great. I don't know about you, but I'm really good at an imperfect project ;)

Here's what you need:
Wire (an old coat hanger works well for this) bent into a circle
Tree/bush cuttings (the longer and thinner the better). I used trimmings from a gigantic neighborhood ficus. Again, freeeeee!
Bend your wire into a circle if it isn't already. Grab your longest branch and start weaving it around the wire. It's like those crafts you do when you're a kid: over and under and over and under!
Continue weaving until you're out of branch :)
If your branch is forked at all, just weave them one at a time. Pick one fork, and weave it until you get to the end, then go back and do the branched pieces. Be careful to wrap under leaves as long as you can.
To start a new branch, tuck it between some of the other branches that are already woven in.
And that's it! It's seriously so dang easy. Like I said before, it took me five minutes to whip these up, and that includes the time it took for me to hunt up something on which to hang them. Since they were yard trimmings I can just toss them at the end of the season, but the beauty of this project is that once the branches die and stiffen up, the leaves will just fall off and I could just have a plain branch wreath to use. I can't decide what I wanna do!

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