Friday, January 31, 2014

instagram statement photo wall

 Ever since we had to take down our gallery wall because the command strips began to fail, Tim and I have been really missing it. So, the other day, we did something about it.
BAM. Killer, right??! We love it so much. There are almost 500 photos on this wall, and only a few of them are duplicates. 

Yeah. We take a lot of pictures.
 Gaah, we love it.
Want to see how we did it? 

Rather than individually stick up more than five hundred printed photos on the wall, I had an idea. Why couldn't I print several on a single sheet of paper and hang that up? If I bled the photos just right and hung the sheets straight, you wouldn't even be able to tell it wasn't individual pictures.
Each 8.5x11 sheet of paper houses six almost square photos (3.67"x4.26", to be exact). Each picture had to be cropped to that precise size in order to fit, which took foooooreeeevvvvvverrrrrrrrrrrrr. I did it in brief shifts over the course of a few days so it didn't feel so bad.
I had them printed through Best Value Copy, which was the best deal I could find for the 80 color sheets we needed. They charged 9 cents per page, but you get 50 free for your first order so HELLO! Shipping was pricey but my whole wall cost me $17, AND I accidentally ordered doubles. Haha whoops.
Here's what we were working with before.
I had calculated that the wall would fit ten and a half portrait sheets, which I confirmed  before I started hanging them. Always a good idea :)
I went with foam dots to hang the sheets. I thought they'd hold up a little better than double-sided tape, and would stick to the wall more securely. The thickness of the dots isn't noticeable unless you get really close, which was a concern of mine. Not a big deal at all!
 I started hanging along the ceiling and filled in diagonally to make sure everything lined up and was straight.
And that's it!
 Yeeeeee! They fill the wall top to almost bottom, and except for a small part in the corner of the wall covered by the dresser.

What do you think????!!!! We are so happy with how it looks, although I think it competes a little bit with the curtains in the room. Oh well. They're both stayin'
What do you think???! Would you do something like this in your home?


  1. Oh my gosh. I think that this is ADORABLE! I'm always trying to hang photos up, but they keep falling down! The foam mounting dots are a fantastic idea.
    I want to try and do this to my wall now!

  2. Hi Brittany, you have a wonderful blog! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award (you are so creative!), and also tagged you in a post on my blog. Congratulations!


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