Monday, June 3, 2013

hello productivity. it's nice to see you again.

This weekend was the first in four weeks that we've been home. {I feel like this is a pattern of ours}. Some weekends are meant to be filled with adventure and intrigue and memory-making. Others, like this one, were made for being adults and taking care of your crap.

We began Saturday like we do every Saturday at home:

I stand by my declaration that coffee always tastes better when enjoyed out of china teacups. Our previous teapot bit the dust a few weeks ago in a fall of disastrous consequences, so we took a new one out for a spin. It passed muster.

I worked on this puppy for a chunk of the morning too:

I am in love with my currently-in-production Yacht Shoot photobook. I used Blurb Books (obviously, because it's the best) and I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival! I tried a few new tools in creating it; a full review of Blurb and its features will be forthcoming following its delivery.

The rest of the day was spent in glorious productivity. You know the feeling when you just fly through your to-do list like it's nothing? That's what our Saturday was. okay, so it might not be glamourous to give your apartment a deep cleaning from top to bottom, but that's what it needed after a month of neglect!

Sometime between vacuuming baseboards and dusting cobwebs, I also found time to FINALLY give our bedroom a second coat of paint. It's been sitting in all its patchy charcoal glory since the beginning of April, and a hectic schedule (coupled with literally NO desire to move furniture again) kept me from touching up the spots I missed.

The left-hand picture is a pretty accurate idea of the color. We love our deliciously dark and moody bedroom!  Saturday evening Tim threw some shrimp on the barbie and we had some friends over to watch a Tarantino movie. Wow that guy loves his blood.

Sunday was another project-filled day, which again felt so good. We potted some herbs for our bay window {one of which got an impromptu and unceremonious haircut by Spock because she discovered that she LOVES basil. Either that or she LOVES destroying things. Probably both. The rosemary has a death sentence, probably}. We cannot make up our minds on what else to plant up there, so for now, our dishsoap lives in the third empty flowerpot. Such is life.

I also threw together two quick projects to update our bedroom, then FINALLY rehung our blackout shade and curtains after removing them in April to paint. Our room slowly bakes in the afternoons without that cellular shade so three months without it has been interesting.


A full-room reveal of the makeover is coming soon {ish}.

What'd you do this weekend?

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  1. Love productive weekends, even when they're not that exciting. I ran a ton of errands on Saturday, and it was just nice to not have to worry about that stuff anymore!


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