Monday, August 19, 2013

Da ba dee da ba dai

Haha okay sorry, I couldn't resist.


But really though.


Best. Workout. Ever.

before // after

Tim and I had the opportunity to run the Santa Barbara Run or Dye 5k before we left for Mammoth, and it was!

Before, clearly! Clean as can be.

Let me start this off by addressing any of you who haven't had the chance to run a 5k or other type of "fun run". First of all, "run" is a relative term. At this particular race, there were 7,000 people running (!), released in groups of 500-700 every five minutes or so. There were trained runners at this race, there were children in strollers, there was an 85 year old man in a wheelchair!  There was even a girl in her wedding dress. Anyone can do it. There is no shame in walking.

About every kilometer or so, we would run through a dye station where volunteers would pelt us with colored chalk dust called Holi Powder. Depending on where you were in the crowd of runners, you would get hit with more or less of the stuff. I tended to avoid the crowds when I could, so I tended to get handfulls of the stuff straight in my face. 

Station 1 shot at us with blue on one side and yellow from the other!

Station 2 was green. Probably TMI, but I had green boogers for days afterwards.
Tim and I taking a breather after the pink station. We were almost done!
We were hit with blue at the finish line. We did it!
After the race was finished, everyone was given extra packs of dye and sent over to the afterparty. We had been covered pretty well with the dye powder during the race, but that was nothing compared to what happened at the dye festival. It was mayhem. And fabulous.

Our Race was done through Run or Dye*, which hosts races all across the country. It was SO worth it!

*Run or Dye did not compensate me for this post, I just had a KILLER time and wanted to let anyone who might be interested know about it.

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