Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'm back!

Hi all! Happy ... Uh, Saturday? Shoot, this always happens to me when I go on vacation!!!
This past week has been FULL. Tim and I loaded up the car with everything we could possibly need for a week in Mammoth Lakes, CA, along with the dog and the bird. 

Because who WOULDN'T bring their menagerie on vacation with them, right? 
Kidding, they both had just as great a vacation as we did, if not better.
Ha ha. It was a week of adventure: hiking, biking, camping,  and everything in between. Before THAT, we ran the Santa Barbara "Run or Dye" 5k. There's lots we need to talk about! 
I am of the slightly paranoid camp that can't quite decide whether or not to post while on vacation (because ack robbers!!), so I just let everything go quiet all week on the blog front, and for that I apologize. Of course if you follow along on Instagram, you'll notice I didn't keep the same gag order. Double standard or whatever.
Check back Monday for info about our 5k color run (which was FABULOUS), and then the rest of the week I'll be recapping our time in Mammoth. 
Ever wondered what to do in a ski town during the summer? I'll be lettin' you know, you can count on it ;)


  1. I love mammoth! Can't hear all about it :). The color run looks fun too!

  2. Glad I'm not the only one who worries about robbers when I go out of town! Looks like a fabulous vacay!


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