Monday, August 26, 2013

showering my *almost* little sister-in-law

Hi All! Happy Monday. This weekend was a special one for our family. On friday night, I drove up to Bakersfield for yet another wedding shower, this time for my baby brother's fiancee Adri!
The wreath Adri made to commemorate her soon-to-be new last name, Schultz!
Adri's sister Teressa had decked out their parent's home in Bakersfield for the shower. There were little gray and yellow burlap banners everywhere, and sunflowers galore! 
The spread! Everything was so delicious. 
The guests all made little button flowers that will make up Adri's rehearsal dinner bouquet. Creative, right? I thought it was so cute!
Adri and Teressa, the MOH and hostess of the shower. Thanks Teressa!
After a brief "how well do you know Devon" questionnaire (on which no one really performed all that well, haha), it was time for gifts!
 One of the gifts was reusable Red Cups. haha
Crock pot ready for all the Pinterest recipes! 
 LOVE their dishes; they registered for teal and coral Pottery Barn dishes and they were gorgeous. These were their serving dishes. Have I mentioned I always want to go shopping after going to a wedding shower? Because I do.
 My aunt has made quilts for everyone in the family when they get married. So special!

Overwhelmed by the generosity of friends and family.  Love this girl and can't wait until she's my seeeeeeeester!

 Adri and her college besties
Aunty Wee-Wee with her brand-new three-week-old niece, baby Elle. Adri had originally wanted to go by Aunty Ree-Ree, but my mom pointed out that baby Elle probably won't be able to say "R's", it'll turn into Wee-Wee. She's embraced it haha.
Lovely if incredibly blurry photo of Adri with her six bridesmaids: Tara (Sister-in-law), Lizzie (college friend), Megan (college friend), Adri, Teressa (Sister), Jessie (College friend), and me (future sister-in-law). So many miles traveled to be there that day!
 Teressa, Adri, Adri's mom (with grandbaby Elle), and Tara (baby Elle's mama)
Devon returned with the dads and brothers from a day of bonding right as some of the last guests were getting ready to leave.
Adri and I 
Adri, we love you and can't wait to celebrate your and Devon's upcoming wedding!


  1. Those serving dishes are gorgeous! Can I get married again so I can register more places?! We don't have a Pottery Barn near us!

  2. love it! Sorry the blurry bridesmaids pic was taken by MEEEE!

  3. That quilt is gorgeous! Such a thoughtful gift!


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