Wednesday, September 4, 2013

double the fun - double wedding

So, this weekend was Labor Day, one of my favorite holidays growing up. It continues to be a favorite, part of the reason we chose to be married on Labor Day weekend two years ago.
This year, though, in addition to celebrating our anniversary, I got to celebrate the wedding of a dear friend from high school.

Here's the kicker though: it was a DOUBLE WEDDING!

The two brides, Katie and Christine, awaiting their grooms. Photo via @instatiffanywong
That's right; it was sister wedding day! Katie was marrying her groom Ernie, and her sister Christine was marrying her groom Ryan. Both brides had a ceremony of their own (with lots of overlapping bridesmaids and guests in attendance), and they had a shared reception. I only attended the one ceremony (which was so emotional!!!). I helped deliver lunch to the wedding parties before the ceremonies so I got an opportunity to spend some time with Katie and her girls before things got too crazy. 

Some of Katie's bridesmaids bustling her gown for pre-ceremony pictures
Bride #1 Christine reading her groom's letter to her // Bride #2 preparing to see her groom for the first time
Katie's bridal party. Christine had three overlapping bridesmaids, and bride sister Katie was also her  MOH.
Lots of costume changes that day!
The reception was insane, as you may imagine. I had a hard enough time getting two people to agree on wedding details; I couldn't imagine what it would be like trying to deal with four!!! An added insanity was the number of people participating in this thing: more than 400!!!!!!! The mother of the brides is a caterer so she handled (for both rehearsal dinner AND reception!!!). An army of volunteers 

If you can see the teeeeeeeny father of the brides at the sweethearts' table, he's giving a dual toast to his daughters. 
The brides and grooms. Each bride was the other's matron of honor too, so they each gave a speech for her sister.
Father/Daughter dance. Katie danced with her father first, then Christine cut in for her turn. 
The first Dances. The Father of the Brides sang while each couple danced. #sobfest
 I missed the cake cutting because, well, try cramming 400 people into a corner of a room to watch 4 people cut cake. Katie and her new husband Ernie were demure, Christine and Ryan had a smashfest. (Tim and I did too, so I could relate to that!). The bouquet and garter tosses took place at the same time.

Double bouquet toss
It was a time of reunion as well. Our small group from high school had not all been together since high school. I moved away for school and we never were all available at the same time when I would come and visit, and not everyone was able to come to our wedding. It was so fun to get all of us together for such a special occasion!

Leah and I // Sheri and I
So much laughter!

Leah, bride #1 Christine, Sheri, and bride #2 Katie
brother Devon and Adri and Dilip and Stephanie, the next two couples to get married from back home.  
Brides bidding their parents goodbye
my silly parents preparing for the grand exit.
Both couples left for Hawaii on their honeymoon! Don't worry, they're on totally different islands; that would be weird! 

Katie and Christine (and Ernie and Ryan): Thank you for letting me be a part of your big day! You clearly put a LOT of work into it and it was so fun to witness. May the Lord bless both of your marriages abundantly! 


  1. Wow, I'd never heard of anyone actually doing a double wedding before, but it sounds like the perfect solution for them! And their wedding looks beautiful and like so much fun. And P.S. I love your dress!

  2. The first I have heard of this!! Totally nuts but they must be awesome friends/sisters to share their day!

  3. WOW!!! Never heard of this before! You'd think it would be a disaster but WOW so so so glad everything went so smoothly!

  4. How fun! Love the little girls reunion photo...

  5. I love the invites. Where did you get them from?


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