Monday, September 16, 2013

Where's my Good Samaritan?

So this happened today:

In case you can't tell, that's a blowout. A MAJOR blowout. Like, the whole side of the tire was shredded. I was on my way to an appointment on a winding road, and this evil curb that sticks out at too fr on a blind curve... Well. You know what happened. That curb is dumb and everyone hits it. 

Once it happened, I drove a little further until the road straightened out, pulled to the curb, and hit my flashers. I know what to do! That's right, I know how to change a tire. It was one of the conditions when I moved to school--my dad taught me to regularly check oil levels, tire pressure, and how to change a tire if I needed to. He taught me well. No one I called was picking up the phone, which was just as well. I've got this.

But here's the thing. Any time I bring up changing tires, all I hear is "if you were stranded on the side of the road, you'd have half the cars pulled over immediately--you'd never get the chance to change the tire" or "ladies don't need to change tires; anyone would pull over and help". I'm sure you've heard/said/thought this before. So, when I flicked my flashers on and pulled the jack kit and spare out of the trunk, I anticipated people stopping to help.

You couldn't miss me, I was RIGHT where that car across the street is parked. Photo via noozhawk
I was headed to an appointment, so I was dressed nice. I had lipstick and heels on. I was pulled over across the street from a school (see photo) and it was early, so parents were dropping off off their kids and it was a busy road. My flashers were on, and I was lugging a spare tire. 

I worked on that tire for thirty minutes in plain view, and no one offered to help.

Not a single person even looked my way, which is suspect because my top was very brightly colored and I was right across the street from the entrance to the school. People basically had to drive around me to get by, and nothing.

I got the chance to use my tire-changing skills today.

I did it! 
And you know? I was incredibly pissed initially--I was already emotional for other reasons, and now this??! Really???! Add to that no one stopped to see if I needed help??! Who DOES that to someone? But, doing it on my own? 

That's the best feeling in the world.

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  1. I'm sorry you had to change a tire by yourself! That sucks, but at least you can say you changed a tire in heels! Holler!


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