Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

Happy Friday!

Today was a weird day, but it was the end to a weird week so I'll take it. Tim's been out of town so I've been taking the opportunity to watch all the crap tv shows on Netflix (um, seriously though. You should see my feed right now). So, here are just a few things (of note) that have been going on this week while he's been away (via my iphone camera, sorry for the quality):

Take a look at my NEW "project" ROOM! It's not a sewing room, I'm too young for that. For some reason, I feel like only old ladies have sewing rooms--no offense to either old ladies or people with sewing rooms! Long story short, we got a "new" dining room table and moved the former one to what used to be our TV room so I could have a space of my own to work (Tim has a corner in there to use as his office space too!). We are blessed to live in a two bedroom apartment so we can do something like this, and I'm loving it! I've been working in it constantly, and because of that fact no photos of its current state will ever see the light of day haha

Some vintage love, in relation to the above photo. The majority of my sewing notions came from my grandmother, who passed away my senior year of college and gave them to me. How great are these; 25 cents for a giant spool of thread?!? It's the best thread I have, and the same type is 1.25 now. And those labels?! Oh man could you imagine Tim wearing something I made with a pink label declaring "made with love for my sweetheart"?! 
Seriously, though, I love the thought of my grandmother making something for my grandfather and using those labels (although from what I know of him he probably wouldn't have worn the pink label either, but who really knows since he died before my parents were even married). Every time I break out the sewing machine, I feel closer to her.

Speaking of vintage, I found my old hot rollers (which had been my mom's before me, way back in Farrah Fawcett's day) and took em out for a spin. I LOVED these things growing up, but I forgot all about them until recently. Um, why the heck did I stop using em?! 

Four (and on)
Daisy and I went to the park, I took bachelor party bottles and cans to the recycling center and got a grand total of five bucks and change back (which will be used towards brewery fare when Tim gets home; ironic, right?), and I've watched an obscene amount of netflix shows (which I've already said, but seriously). 
Fly home safe, sweetheart! I'll see you soon!

Want to see a little sneak peek at what's coming on the blog next week?
First, I'll take you through step-by-step how to make any t-shirt flattering with a little sewing, and then I'll show you how I did this:
before & after

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