Thursday, September 5, 2013

labor day at Great America

Labor Day weekend was NUTS. Tim had a bachelor party all weekend so I left him behind in Santa Barbara while I headed to the Bay Area with the bird and the dog for the weekend. Saturday was spent all day at the Delta in the boat, Sunday was spent at the Double Wedding Extravaganza.
Dev and Adri on the boat // Daisy loves the Delta!
For the actual day of Labor Day, though, we went to Great America, because we're patriotic like that (that, plus my mom had tickets that were going to expire and we could celebrate my brother's birthday early, since it was on Wednesday).

 It was Guest Appreciation weekend, which meant we got XXL t-shirts upon arriving and there were fireworks shows on Saturday and Sunday (that meant nothing to us since it was Monday, but still). It was not all that crowded, which surprised me being that it was a three-day weekend. We were able to ride the majority of the rides with less than a 5 minute wait.

It was close to a kajillion degrees outside when we got there, so the first thing we did was ride as many water rides as we could manage. There were a good number of them at Great America, so we got a good soaking. I made sure to ziploc bag my camera (I didn't bring the waterproof one with me because we LEFT THE CHARGER IN MAMMOTH), and my brother thought it was funny to shoot through the bag a few times.

Their rapids ride was probably the most fun water ride in and of itself (and we got SOAKED), but we had the most fun on the log ride. There were five of us there (my parents, my brother and Adri, and me), and we crammed all of us into the little log. It, ahem, wasn't made to hold that much weight, so it kept bottoming out. My brother and Dad also kept leaning one way or the other to make the little log canoe rock, and we almost capsized. TOO FUN!

There should be a weight limit on the log ride, but there isn't. We took full advantage.
The future Schultz couple thought the hot dog stand's name was funny and apropos.
Our dorky family, minus Tim, obviously. Missed you babe!
By the time lunch was over, though, the sun had snuck behind some ominous clouds and our choice to do all the water rides was slightly regretted.  We then remembered the free t-shirts I'd been toting in my backpacks so we changed! Ahem--in the middle of the park. We're dorks like that.

My parents on the gondola across the park
I thought this was hilarious. My brother (in the middle), mom (behind him), and I (in the very front right) all have the same face. Mine was staged, but theirs wasn't haha
Waiting in the longest line of the day, 15 minutes

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