Thursday, January 2, 2014

like, whoa.

Hey, remember me? My name is Brittany and I write on a blog occasionally. You may have heard of it?

I had NO intention on taking a little blog break, but these things happen. Uh, hello busiest holiday season EVER??! I swear, from Thanksgiving to New Years we barely had time to breathe, let alone edit photos and blog. The way I see it, I way overachieved by posting as many times as I did post-thanksgiving!

This Christmas was a SUPER busy one, for a lot of reasons. Thursday before Christmas, we headed up to the Bay Area and then to Tahoe with my parents for a few days. We enjoyed the not-snow for awhile, then Christmas Eve left town to spend the night with Tim's Dad's side of the family. Christmas morning we opened presents with the nephews and then Tim dropped me off back at home and headed back up to spend one more night with them. That's right, I spent Christmas day alone at home, face-timing family members and taking a much-needed breather before the next day: WEDDING WEEKEND!

Thursday, the day AFTER Christmas (yep, how has it already been a week???!) I headed down south to take part in my bestie Amy's wedding to her love. I was her MOH and MAN what an awesome wedding! Normally, it would be about this time that I would start marching out recap posts, starting with the epic Bachelorette party I planned in San Diego and ending promptly in an emotional well-wishing or something (and possibly including a video of my toast, which was fabulous if you don't mind a little tooting of my own horn haha), but sadly that won't be happening for awhile. TRAGICALLY, while we were helping the bride's family pack up the venue at the end of the night, my camera disappeared.
#mrandmrswilke steals. I don't even have a pic with the bride :(
WHOMP WHOMP. I'm still hoping that some kind soul thought they were helping and moved it out of the way, only for it to be discovered later and identified by the behind-the-scenes wedding photos, but that might be too much to ask. For now, all I have are the memories of the weekend plus some instagrams from other bridal party members, since I focused on capturing moments on the camera while doing MOH stuff.
So that sucks.

BUT! It's just a camera, and although it's really a bummer to have "lost" it, it's not the end of the world. Amy and Jared are still married. I still got to stand up with her and witness their vows. We still had an awesome time at the Bachelorette party, even though there is little record of it. I'll still share what we did and all that, since it really was a great time and if you're ever in the San Diego area I'd really recommend our bach party stops, but it's going to have to wait until I can poll everyone else for their pics. Such is life.

Have you ever had a camera stolen? What would you do?

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