Tuesday, February 19, 2013

president's day

What. A. Weekend.
Friday night. Drinks and appetizers with Tim's coworkers. {What a great group of characters; haven't had that much fun in awhile}. Visited a brand-new bar, then hit up a winery. Said winery was having a pairing night; serving their glasses of wine with chicken and waffles. 
YOU GUYS. I don't know why I had looked down upon chicken and waffles before. THIS DISH WAS LIFE-ALTERING. The waffles were crispy and perfect. The chicken was fresh, free-range, and topped with BOTH fresh goat cheese AND a delicious berry reduction. No idea what kind of berry it was--all I know was that it was berry delicious.
har har har.

Saturday morning. Bright and early, we drove up to the lake. I LOVE the lake this time of year; it's so dang beautiful. Everything is so green and alive because of the rain, the trees are hung with moss, the vineyards are barren and still, and there's hardly a soul in sight. It's like a whole different world up there!
Once we arrived, we got straight to work. The dock upon which we spend the entire summer was in need of some intense repairs, and this was the weekend to do it! The whole family congregated at the cabins to do the work. We pulled the entire thing apart, replaced the old dilapidated floats with shiny new beefier ones, and put the top back on. 
Manual labor is dang good for the soul, I tell you! I have never been so physically exhausted yet completely mentally relaxed. It didn't hurt that the weather was absolutely gorgeous-- the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and we all came home a little pink!
It was long and hard work, but we finished most of it--just a few more screws to go and it's ready for the new sunshade {We're REALLY excited about that!}. We also have to get rid of the gross old floats. I can't wait to destroy them--I got cut a couple times on those buggers which was the worst. Note to self: Replace all of the expired first-aid crap at the cabins. The band-aids were the only things newer than 10 years old, and I needed a little more than that.
As a result, I got to spend most of the morning of my blessed Monday off in the waiting room at Urgent Care to get a tetanus shot. Better safe than sorry, I say! 
I rewarded my precautionary measures with an eleven-dollar shopping spree at a few downtown President's Day sales {70% off? Don't mind if I take on in each color, thanks. Hello new saucy backless dress!} and two dozen roses for 5 bucks. Again, gotta love post-valentine's day flower hauls :D
What did you do this weekend?
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