Tuesday, February 19, 2013

pinterest challenge: six projects in six weeks

My blogger "friend" Merrick and her sisters decided to tackle their uncompleted pinboards, and I thought I'd join in. The goal of their "Pinterest Challenge" is thus: Pick six pins, and complete them in the next six weeks! 

Now, Pinterest and I tend to have an interesting relationship. I tend to use it like Google--doing quick searches to gather inspiration for a soon-to-be-begun project. Most of the time, I will only pin things I want to remember long in the future {like baby stuff or home improvement things. Most of the home projects aren't exactly renter-friendly, and have to wait until we own a home}. BUT. That doesn't mean I haven't filed away a few projects for a rainy day on there...

After much consideration, here are the six projects {in no particular order} that I'd like to accomplish in the next six weeks:

Window film via Design*Sponge {see my version here!}
Floor-length curtains framing bay window via Amanda Carver Designs
Fridge Work Station via BHG
Polka Dot Shirt via Merrick's Art
Framed Bunting via Landee See, Landee Do
Envelope-Back Pillow via Freshly Picked {my goal: finish half of the pillows I'll need for the Pillow Project in the next six weeks. We'll see how that goes}

Tim will be going on a few business trips during these next few weeks, so it's a perfect time to take on a few extra projects. It's a good thing I have a long list of non-husband-approved TV shows to catch up on--I do my best work accompanied by Netflix or Hulu!
Will you join the Pinterest Challenge? Whether you have a blog or not, it's a good motivator to tackle your Pinterest-inspired projects!
Sisters Share It All: Pinterest Challenge


  1. Fun projects!! And I'm excited to see how your polka dot tee turns out :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. That fridge station is a brilliant idea! Can't wait to see you do your own!

    So happy you're linking up :)

  3. I love that envelope back pillowcase.

  4. I also use Pinterest more like a long term storage unit, but I love the idea of a challenge! Time to hit up Pinterest and see if there is something I can accomplish in the next six weeks. Although, I'll take one project in the next six weeks as a win. ;-)

  5. That polka dot tee is the cutest!

    xo erica

  6. Cute stuff! I pretty much wanted to pin all Merrick's projects : ) I love that framed bunting!

  7. I completely love your picks. I pinned (and haven't made) the polka dot shirt. I really like the envelope backpack, too. A definite re-pin from me.

    the lowercaseh

  8. I'm doing the same thing!! Great challenge. Here's the link to my page: http://dollycreates.blogspot.com/2013/04/six-projects-in-six-weeks.html


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