Thursday, February 7, 2013

inspiration: plump and pretty // diy

{pillows, that is.}

The end of last year held a lot of changes in our little apartment. We updated the dining room {here}, played around with our gallery wall , put in a fun new rug, and rearranged some furniture in the living room. The next step, though, was to make the place a little more colorful! 

Here's what our living room looked like a couple months back, pre-gallery wall:

{Sorry for the dark picture, it got dark FAST back then}. 
It was fine, but we could do better! Particularly in the couch area.... those poor couches had seen better days! They're still totally comfy to sit in, but the upholstery was getting a bit dingy and the pillowback sofa was giving me fits! We seriously would have to punch those pillows back into shape daily if we wanted it at all presentable {which we do}. Plus, white upholstery was fine and dandy when you lived with all girls, but having a guy in the house.... not such a good choice {sorry honey, but its true!}. I've had to tuck a blanket over the never-turning-white-again cushions since the mister's dirty feet ALWAYS seem to find their way to the seats!

But since the "bones" were good, we decided to invest in a set of slipcovers, and revive the pillows.  We already saw the "instant fun" injected into our guest-room-turned-tv-room with our chevron pillows, but I wanted to amp up the drama in the living room with some punchy graphic mixed prints!
Not sure what I mean? Here's some eye-candy from around the internet:
{Click on the photos for the original sources!}
   Mixed-print pillowsMixed-print pillows Mixed-print pillows   Mixed-print pillows 
For the second-to-last one, original source unknown (anyone with better magic google powers, let me know; I've tried everything!) 

Swoon-worthy, amirite? Or am I the only person who gets giddy over graphic prints? My head is spinning from all the busy, in a totally awesome way.

I just LOOOVE the pop of color these patterns give to these neutral couches. They're just so punchy and fun, which was exactly the inspiration we were looking for. I've got a LOT of sewing ahead of me, but I'm excited!

What do you think? 


  1. I love your pillow choices! So adorable. I can't wait to get some new ones for our sofa. xo, e

  2. Definitely need to invest in a ton of pillows for our couch! Love this!
    xo TJ

  3. I love everything about this!! Love love love!


  4. i love that last photo of pillows, i would love to put pillows on my couch. my problem is my two dogs who love to take the pillows, run through the house with the pillows in their mouth and then try and rip out the stuffing from the pillows. but it still doesn't mean i can't wish i coud put pillows on my couch


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