Friday, February 8, 2013

too many projects, not enough time

{1} lamp: needs wiring 
{2} frosted glass: extend to front room of the house  
{3} pillows: reduce to fewer fatter pillow forms
{4} fabric: hopefully-soon-to-be awesome toss pillows 
{6, same photo} knobs: finish replacing knobs on the dresser {aka clear out World Market's stock. Again} 
{7} drawers: need to be modified to fit into franken-dresser. Yes, still on the to-do list.

Honorary mention: STOP using the cell phone to take pictures! Sheesh.

This is my list, which doesn't even include the organizational tasks or random sewing projects I'd like to tackle, too. I may or may not be in over my head here. I'm hoping to accomplish one or two of these this weekend but heck, what do I know?
Please tell me I'm not alone?


  1. Oh gosh you are SO not alone! This is my life right now, especially with opening a shop on the horizon - there are a million things to be done! xoxo, eliza


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