Monday, June 10, 2013

A gray weekend recap

Happy Monday! A quickie recap of this weekend's little bits:

>> Dinner and drinks with Tim's sales team. We took up a loooooooong table in Tupelo Junction cafe and went to town on their happy hour menu. Mmmm! Delish.

>> Three-hour round-trip drive to Ikea (plus the time spent there, of course! We really need one closer than Burbank...!). We ended up stuffing our car full of clearance merchandise. LOVE that clearance corner! I'll share what we purchased later :)

>> Met up with good friends we haven't seen in months!! They'd moved to the Bay Area a while ago and it was fun to catch up.

>> I accidentally synced my phone to my old phone from early 2011... and lost everything that's been added since. Pictures, contacts, emails, everything. Dumb dumb dumb dumb! I've been getting a kick out of the old photos I haven't seen in three years though. Wedding venues, dress options, invitation ideas! I certainly made up for the lack of Pinterest in my wedding-planning days!

first pick for our wedding venue (later nixed due to capacity restrictions): the historical Granada Theater
 the first draft (of many) of our wedding website // the dress was convinced I wanted: La Sposa Levina 
Looking back, I'm so glad we went with the venue and dress and website that we ended up choosing. It's just fun to see what I thought I wanted back at the beginning stages of planning!

>> I'm starting a new blog series called "Little updates". These are little projects (either in the home or not) that take just a couple minutes and a few bucks at most, like the little update to our front door we made a few weeks ago. The majority of the projects around our home fall under this classification, and what better way to enjoy and celebrate the little things than through a blog series? The first post will go live Wednesday!

>>This is technically my last week of work, which feels really weird. I'll work Monday-Thursday, have a three-day-weekend {I'll tell you why later}, then come back Monday to finish up my last day duties. So weird!
the gorgeous grounds at Westmont
linking up with Sami!

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