Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the most epic date night EVER // how to survive a gala

So last week, I went to a gala.

A GALA, you guys. Like, a grown-up, gown-wearing, mayor-attending, champagne drinking, live-auctioning, $1,000-per-ticket gala. In San Francisco. No big.

Tim's company was one of the few who were sponsoring the gala, and they graciously offered us two tickets if we'd like to go.

Our hotel, the historic Hotel Whitcomb // City Hall at nighttime

Um, okay. If you're going to be twisting my arm like that, I guess I'll go.

Oh my gosh it was so exciting! We found out about it last minute, which for a girl is pretty stressful. I mean, whatever shall I wear to the ball?

Har har. I just wore a bunch of stuff I already had. There is indeed a benefit to attending so many weddings in a year! Almost everything I wore was thrifted at some point ;)

dress: thrifted // shoes: thrifted and diy // necklace: Rainbow // cardigan: thrifted // makeup bag: Bare Escentuals
It wasn't black tie or anything so we didn't have to find a gown and rent a tux for the shindig, but it was certainly swanky. It was held at City Hall and everyone who's anyone in San Francisco was there. Including the Mayor (who we didn't actually see, but we still thought it was cool).

And then there was little 'ol me.

Pinch me, I must be dreamin'.

We were seated at the CEO's table, which meant that we were on our best behavior. Which meant that we couldn't take any pictures unless we took them on the sly.

Which, duh, we totally did.

Before we left our hotel. Swanky!
The other really cool thing about the timing of this gala was the fact that a box of wedding-related samples from Influenster arrived at my door right after we found out about it. It was the perfect venue to do some product testing!!!

This box was full of goodies. There were two sizes of falsies, two packets of precision Q-tips, a set of Dr.Scholl's insoles, some instant pain-relief powder, a couple coupons, and a nasty "whitening" toothpaste that doesn't even warrant a mention.

Two (TWO) sets of false lashes. You know for all the times I wear falsies. I did bust them out for the gala, though, and it was like playing dress-up! I felt all dramatic and stuff. See?

I went with the more natural-looking ones (on the L above) so I didn't feel like a clown.
 The rest of the stuff in the voxbox was icing on the cake for this event, if you pardon my pun.

These were awesome for cleaning up nail polish around my cuticles. Hello pretty mani! They were also helpful for touching up shaky-hand eyeliner, which by golly I still can't quite avoid when I'm nervous.

Both of these puppies were AWESOME. The pain relief powder from Urgent Rx dissolved without water and worked so fast. It was *ahem* helpful the next morning. And all I have to say about those insoles is that it was like walking on a cloud, even though I was in stilettos for eight hours straight. Take THAT. Now if only they'd included something for the blisters on my heels.... oh us ladies and our painfully beautiful shoes.

So, thanks Tim's company, and thanks Influenster, for a night we'll never forget!

*I was provided with these items complimentary from Influenster but all of the opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.


  1. Sounds like a blast, jealous of that box!

  2. Omg that's amazing!!!!!! I love all the pics on your post esp the one of you and Tim on the staircase! I see all these fancy gala evens on shows like Gossip Girl (lol) and so wish I could go to one!!! You looked fantastic, great dress!


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