Wednesday, June 12, 2013

little update: label-happy

Today I kick off the new "Little Updates" series! Check back Wednesdays for more easy and cheap updates.

This past weekend, I found some adorable {FREE} labels on the World Label Blog and went a little crazy with them.

You guys, I've created a monster. I want to stick a label on everything, and that's not an exaggeration. And this site is fantastic! Not only did they have four label shapes in this particular collection (medium round, small round, small rectangular, and a large waving flag) but each one comes in either teal or black chalkboard, AND either blank or pre-filled. And did I mention they're FREE.
labels downloaded from here
{There are TONS more free templates to download on their blog; I'm loving these chalkboard ones and these chevron ones too}

The pre-written ones were ADORABLE (I mean really, look at them) but some of the things I wanted to keep in my jars were not on that list (Spock's food, quinoa, almond flour, etc), so I used the blank medium round ones. When you download them, it opens in a PDF editor so you can type in each label. The standard font is Chalkduster, but you can use any font on your computer! I ended up going with Johanna Script from Fonts for Peas.

I just filled them out and printed them at home on peel and stick labels. Actually, I printed them on address labels so each label was actually a little bit of a puzzle to stick on the jars... but it worked so don't you be calling me ghetto. I like to call it resourceful or thinking outside of the box ;)

See the little seam?
And I have fallen in giddy stupid love with them.

PS: Can it be peony season always??! I already miss their puffy goodness at Trader Joes. Boohoo
I pretty much stuck a label on anything that was showing on the countertop. Scratch that: I stuck a label on a few things and then loved them so much that they got to live out in plain sight on the countertop. Which is big for me, people. I don't do stuff on the counters.

Seeing what a stupid label did to my sugar and flour makes me itch to find matching spice jars so I can label those too. Who AM I???!

Ugh and I'm dyinggggg over how they look in combination with our new Ikea rug (which for some reason shows on the website as twice what we paid for it....).


What do you think? Is this something you would do in your home? 


  1. toooooootally! so cute!!!! come and do that to my house!!

    1. okay momma! Except I feel like there are other more important things to do in the Kitchen first... like build it...!

  2. Holy heck, girl, the place looks great! I absolutely love the labels. And the straws! I die. Where did you get the jars for your baking stuff?? Can't wait to see you guys next month!

    1. Me too! We're going to have an awesome time!!!!!!! The jars are from Ikea; they have three sizes but I only bought the medium and the small. Kind of wishing I had the large one too! I've had these since Junior year of college when we moved off campus, so they've lasted awhile too.
      And I LOVE my straws, I use them whenever I think about it. I got them super cheap at!

    2. That's good to know! I love Ikea. Great choice with the rug too!


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