Monday, September 3, 2012


A year ago today, we did this:
Unbelieveably, today is our first anniversary. Mind = Blown.
 It's been quite the journey.
Today, we'll exchange our paper-themed gifts and recover from a sugar high from our cake yesterday (We picked up a replacement cake from Trader Joes, because ours was too nasty to save. Sadly, the TJs cake tasted like what we imagined a year-old cake would taste like!). It's the thought that counts.
This next 365's going to ROCK.
{All wedding photos are used courtesy of Jessica Fairchild Photography}


  1. Happy one-year anniversary! Your wedding pictures are absolutely stunning! Have an incredible, love-filled day!

  2. YEAH!!! HAPPY FIRST 365! I am right behind you by a week!!!! I am at 358!!! Enjoy your Labor Day!!!

  3. Congratulations!! Happy 1 year anniversary - we just hit three months but I'm sure life will continue to speed on!

  4. WHOA, congratulations and looots of love!

  5. those pictures are beautiful! you are beautiful.

  6. Happy Anniversary! You were a stunning bride - such a gorgeous dress.


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