Friday, September 7, 2012

swing and a miss

Happy Friday!

You ever have one of those weeks that just seriously kick you in the tail? This is week 2 in a row where I feel like it's life = 1, Brittany = 0. 

It's been a whirlwind of stuff happening; one thing after another (feel free to replace the word "Stuff" with whatever word you please. It's been rough).
:: not hearing back about my car from the mechanic after a whole week. boohooo. I've been taking Tim's car to work every day, and he does the 1/2 hour commute (at 5:30am, mind you), on his scooter.
:: Annoying and flaky craigslist buyers. How hard is it to just show up when you say you will? There goes my entire evening, thanks.
:: working on Monday, but having to take Wednesday off because of a really fun! stomach bug. Yay.
:: Can I just generally put "work" on here? I've had such a tough time discovering what the expectations are, let alone meeting them.

However, rather than focus on the negative and making my week seem like a total downer, I'd like to point out that HOLY CRUD the week had some pretty great things in it, too.
:: birthday hot-tubbin' with friends we don't see enough of.
:: LOST finale-ing. Seven seasons in four months: #slightlyashamed (but also a little proud..)
:: Midnight houseguests :D (Sorry about our more-than-a-little-obnoxous bird this morning!)
:: Wonderful parents who came and spent last weekend (and parts of this week) with us. LOVE THEM!
:: Fabulous anniversary-ing with Hubby all. week. long. Also cake-smashing. Had to relive that part of our wedding ;)

On top of that, the weekend is lookin' up. WAY up. Can't wait for double-dates, engagement parties, and just all-out merry-making. I might even do my nails! 
Got any fun plans this weekend?


  1. oh gosh, definitely know what you mean about life kicking you in the butt, but all the little good things to focus on are just perfect. and seriously, isn't LOST amazing!? it's the mister and i's favorite show!
    xo TJ

  2. LOVE the last two shots :) too fun! CUte cute cute!


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