Monday, September 10, 2012


you know when you go on vacation and you're having such a grand 'ol time that you don't ever want real-life to start up again?

Yup, that was this weekend in a nutshell. Only we weren't on vacation, we were at home.

in reminiscing about our weekend, I'm thankful for:
weekends full of long-lost friends
lots of catching up, sangria, and laughter {not necessarily in that order}
engagement parties {and my new-found love for lawn games}
wedding planning!
bike rides (Thanks, dad, for fixing my bike!) with the husband, hair cuts, and sore-ness.
the beach. And beach games.
free lunch at the zoo. {thanks to tim's company picnic}
double-dates at wine-bars.
waking up to brunch. Best. Houseguest. Ever.
thai food. {YUMMY}

girl talk. {Love you to bits Tim, but you'll never be able to replace it.}

How was your weekend?

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