Thursday, September 20, 2012

i believe...

I believe that lipstick makes everything better.
I believe in riding with the top down, regardless of the weather.

I believe in printed pants (even if my husband doesn't)
I'm on instagram now! (what's your username? I'm @brittymack )

I believe in girl time and sharing secrets :)

I believe in encouragement and making other people feel safe and loved.

I believe that one day, I'll return to Thailand.

I believe in Jesus and in the power of Grace.

I believe in weekends and getaway plans. 

I believe in messy hair and dry shampoo

I believe in dressing up for Halloween, regardless of your age. 
(I also believe in age-appropriate costumes)

I believe in faux-tanning. 

I believe in thrift shops and in giving old a new lease on life.

I believe in sunsets and picnics and 

I believe that the bond between a brother and a sister has no comparison. 
And I want that for my kids someday.

What do you believe in? Linking up with Living in Yellow!


  1. haha- I love all of these. Especially with your first item on the list.... Lipstick makes the world go round! xo

  2. I love the Disney pic! That was so much fun :) Can't wait for our next reunion! Miss you!

  3. I love your pants! My instagram is Neeno_24

  4. Love all of these :) And agree with the lot of them: couldn't live without Jesus, love dressing up for Halloween, and I love that sibling bond (though mine is sister-sister!) :D

  5. LOVE the picture at Disneyland! And I believe in a lot of the same things as you ;)


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